Webinars Recordings on ICEM CFD and Ansys Turbomachinery

Recently we have conducted webinars on ICEM CFD (September 14, 2014) and turbo-machinery CFD modelling using Ansys (September 07, 2014). Please download video files of webinars and give us your feedback. Thanks

ICEM CFD webinar download link ICEM CFD Webinar

Turbo-machinery CFD using ANSYS webinar download link : ANSYS Turbo-machinery CFD Webinar

ICEM CFD mesh sample


Six Weeks Advanced ICEM CFD online Course

We are offering six weeks Advanced ICEM CFD online training with 13 workshops using our own complex geometries and also on the users own geometries. Total contact hours are 24 hrs and this training is spread over six weeks. Online and live training module gives you option to attend class from anywhere and feel like you are sitting in class room, where you can ask questions and get answers instantly, unlike other online trainings.

For further details please download poster from here.

If you want to attend this training, please contact us here.